Biological Methods To Control The Rat Population And Why We Need It

Biological Methods To Control The Rat Population

Rats, the small long-tailed rodents that have been a pest for humans for centuries. They were also the cause of one of the worst disease epidemics in human history. This epidemic named the bubonic plague, wiped out around 25 to 50 million people in the Eastern Roman Empire. If they’re not carrying diseases to wipe … Read more

Rat Infestation Health Risks – What Diseases Do Rat Droppings Carry

What Diseases Do Rat Droppings Carry

Do you sense rat infestation in your house? Are you constantly bothered by the presence of breeding rodents in your house? There is no doubt that keeping your house free from mice can be an inordinately challenging task, especially during winters, when rodents seek shelter in warm places, often invading homes through tiny cracks and … Read more

Muskrat – A Beginner’s Guide to knowing Muskrats and Remedies for Their Control

How do I identify Muskrats

The muskrat has the Binomial scientific name Ondatra zibethicus. Though muskrats are also known as common muskrat, water rat or rat, they are not actually the members of the genus Rattus. The muskrat actually belongs to the subfamily Arvicolinae. This rat gets its name because it looks like a rat and due to the musky odor that … Read more